Jardins Botaniques du Grand Nancy et de l'Université de Lorraine


The first botanical garden in Nancy was founded in 1758, in the rue Sainte-Catherine.

In 1976, Nancy City Council and Nancy University joined forces to manage this historic garden, along with the Haut Chitelet High Altitude Gardens, founded in the Vosges in 1966, and the new "Le Montet" site, situated in Villers-lès-Nancy.

The historic garden became part of the parks and gardens department in 1993 and was renamed the Dominique-Alexandre Godron Garden.

Since 1996, the Jardins botaniques du Grand Nancy et de l'Université de Lorraine have included the  Jean-Marie Pelt Botanical Garden and Le Haut Chitelet High Altitude Garden and are run jointly by the Communauté urbaine du Grand Nancy and the Université de Lorraine.