A mountain climate


The Vosges Mountains are the first natural barrier against winds and clouds coming in from the Atlantic.

Even in the height of summer, it is therefore not unusual for mountain visitors to experience rain.  Situated at a height of 1228m, on the north-west side of the mountain, Le Haut Chitelet High Altitude Garden are marked by a mountain climate, as shown by the following annual climate averages:

-     200 days of rain,
-     162 days of snow cover,
-     2200 mm of water,
-     average temperature: 3.5°C.

A climate equivalent may be found at an altitude of 1800m in the Northern Alps or at 2000m in the Pyrenees.

The significant humidity prevalent here may be seen by the presence of large numbers of lichens and mosses that cover the tree trunks and stones and develop on the ground.