Jardins Botaniques du Grand Nancy et de l'Université de Lorraine

Plants from the Vosges

Plants from the Vosges


The central part of the garden is completely set aside for High Vosges flora, presented in the form of small themed collections.

The fern bed and some very rare lycopods find perfect conditions for growth here.  Further on, you can see the main Vosges shrubs: mountain ash, willow, roses, redcurrant bushes, honeysuckle…
Globeflower, alpine clover, arnica, Pyrenean hawkbit and the aromatic meum are all examples of the botanical treasures of the Hautes Chaumes.

The rocky escarpment flora are represented by different species of hawkweed (Hieracium) and a number of dwarf plants (thyme, veronica and potentilla).

Further on, a range of medicinal plants are grouped together (arnica, great yellow gentian, yarrow, alpine leek...) alongside certain species with toxic properties such as white hellebore (not to be confused with the great gentian) and monk’s-hood.

The area dedicated to forest flora shows the main companion species in fir-beech forest and pure beech forest: wood cranesbill, common foxglove, red campion, bistort, Alpine sow-thistle... which may be found growing naturally along the roads leading to the garden.