Jardins Botaniques du Grand Nancy et de l'Université de Lorraine


Le Montet Botanical Garden's Alpinum


With over 1200 species on display, Jean-Marie Pelt Botanical Garden's Alpinum is one of France’s biggest collections of alpine plants grown on the plain.

Genuine alpine plants cannot generally be grown in our plain climate, as there is little snow protection in winter and air humidity is often too low in summer. Jean-Marie Pelt Botanical Garden's Alpinum is therefore more focused on growing upland plants living at lower altitudes under weather conditions that are not as harsh as in a genuine alpine climate.

The Alpinum is presented as a series of small rock gardens, each dedicated to a world mountain region.  Saxifrage, Edelweiss, Penstemon and many other mountain plants make this a unique collection.
To add to your knowledge of mountain plants, visit the Haut Chitelet High Altitude Garden to see a wide variety of alpine plants that prosper in an alpine climate at an altitude of over 1200 m in the Vosges Mountains.